Horse Lover's Collection

horse lovers basket collectionThe Horse Lover's Collection was designed to celebrate the equine heritage of Kentucky, the horse capital of the world. We are blessed with a variety of horse events in the Commonwealth, including the Kentucky Derby and the 2010 World Equestrian Games. 

Each basket is beautifully adorned with a horse medallion or some other horse-related item. Some of the baskets in the collection have counterparts in other collections but some are unique to this collection.

We have a wide range of sizes and prices available so you are sure to be able to find a gift for that "horse-y" person in your life no matter what your price range.


Horse Lover's Pocket
horse lover pocket
4" W x 4" H, 7" to handle

Horse Lover's Pouch
horse lover pouch
4" W x 6" H, 9" to handle

Horse Lover's Napkin
horse loever napkin
3" W x 7" L x 6" H

Horse Lover's Peg/Keyhorse lover peg
8" W x 15" H

Horse Lover's Wall
KY Horse Lovers Wall
4" W x 9" L x 4" H,
9" to handle


Horse Lover's Winehorse lover wine
4 1/2" W x 4 1/2" L
x 10" H

Horsey Feed Buckethorsey feed bucket
6 1/2" W x 6 1/2" L
x 9 1/2" H

Horse Lover's Gifthorse lover gift
6" W x 9" L x 4" H,
10" to handle

Horse Lover's Casserolehorse lovers casserole
10" W x 15" L x 3 1/2" H

Horse Lover's Carryallhorse lovers carryall
13" W x 16" L x 9" H

Race Day Toterace day tote
5" W x 15" L x 10" H

Horse Lover's Tote: Smallsmall horse lovers tote
5" W x 15" L x 10" H

Horse Lover's Tote: Largelarge horse lovers tote
8" W x 17" L x 13" H,
20" to handle