Rectangular Baskets

napkin basket

Rectangular baskets are one of the classic traditional basket designs.   Each basket is woven with strips of reed interlaced at right angles.  Some of the baskets are woven around a wooden handle, but others may have decorative handles or no handle at all.

These baskets come in a great variety of sizes and functions.  No matter which style you choose, you are sure to get a basket that will be a beautiful addition to your home.  



napkin basket
3" W x 7" L
x 6" H

gift basket
6" W x 9" L x 4" H,
10" to handle

Ceramic Handle
ceramic handle basket
5" W x 10" L x 6" H,
12" to handle

Kentucky Wall
Kentuckuy Wall Basket
4" W x 9" L x 4" H,
9" to handle

Cardinal Wall
Cardinal Wall Basket
4" W x 9" L x 4" H,
9" to handle


Swing Handle Tote
swing handle tote
5" W x 15" L
x 10" H

Deluxe Market
deluxe market basket
12" W x 14" L x 7" H,
14" handle

step basket
9" x 11" base, 16" H,
Fits 8"step with 11" depth

Large Twill Catheadlarge twill cathead basket
11" W x 17" L x 12" H