Ribbed Baskets

ribbed basket collection

Ribbed  baskets are all woven around two wooden hoop handles and ribs made of reed spokes.  They are held together by a "God's-Eye" woven of reed into which the ribs are inserted. Reed is then woven around the ribs.

These baskets are quite sturdy and can be used for a variety of purposes, yet they are also quite decorative.  

These baskets are availabnle in natural colors or they can be woven with a variety of colors or with seagrass as a decorative extra.



Small Ribbed Heart
small ribbed heart basket
8" W x 7" L,
8" to handle

Medium Ribbed Heart
medium ribbed heart basket
10" W x 9" L,
10" to handle

Ten Inch Egg
ten inch egg basket
10" x 10",
including handle

Square Egg
square egg basket
10" W x 10" L
x 10" H

Deluxe Melon
deluxe melon basket
12" diameter,
12" to handle


Rectangulat Egg
rectangular basket
10" W x 14" L, 14" to
handle, 5" depth