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Bountiful Baskets by Jan

Large Horse Lovers Tote Basket

Large Horse Lovers Tote Basket

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The Horse Lover's Tote basket is designed to let you "get out and go" with a unique way to carry what you need. Or you can use it at home for storing magazines, craft items, or just about anything else.

The Large Horse Lover's Tote is the premier version of the three tote baskets in our Horse Lover's Collection. As its name implies it is larger than the Race Day Tote and the Small Horse Lover's Tote and has the "extras" in the Small Horse Lover's Tote.

The Large Horse Lover's Tote is enhanced with a high-quality leather braided rim and decorative metal hardware. We guarantee that you will enjoy this basket on Derby Day or any other day of the year!

Dimensions: 17" L x 8" W x 13" H, 20" H to handle

Care Instructions

For maximum life for your basket, you might want to wash it once a year in clear water or in dishwater. Be careful not to soak baskets with wooden handles or bases.

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